Even though I am writing about this hike thirteen months after the experience, it still feels somewhat fresh. I can feel the excitement of my first official hike, I can feel the pain in my feet from breaking in new hiking boots (Okay, that one might also be from wearing my hiking boots just the other day for the longest I have in a couple months), and I can feel the crisp mountain air (again, this might be that it is currently snowing and blowing…)

The Grassi Lakes trail is a 3.8km hike taking about one to two hours. To get to the two small, crystal clear turquoise lakes, you have the option of two trails. The easy route is a gently sloped gravel road, or the difficult route which takes you up through a wooded trail of exposed tree roots, rocks and small creeks flowing over the trail, followed by a steep ascent on a set of stone stairs up to the lakes.

We chose to do the difficult trail going up, and for this being our first hike – we didn’t find it all that difficult. (It was challenging to find the trail on a couple spots, but it was not really an issue.) Choosing the harder trail gives you exceptional views of Canmore, the mountain range, and a waterfall that you wouldn’t see if you took the road. Another bonus of taking this trail, it wasn’t nearly as busy as the easy one! (which we decided to take on the way down).

Once you arrive at the lakes, you can scramble up even further to see some glyphs (we didn’t as it was WAY too crowded) So now I just have an excuse to go back! This spot is popular for rock climbing as well.

Grassi Lakes was the perfect first hike, and it re sparked my love for the outdoors and adventure!

Tip: Skip the long lines at the outhouse at the trail-head and stop by at the Canmore Nordic Center on your way to the trail instead.

More trail information can be found on the Grassi Lakes Trail page on the Tourism Canmore website

*Please leave no trace when enjoying the outdoors!
*When photographing wildlife, please keep your distance. (Parks Canada recommends 30 meters from large animals and 100 meters from bears.) Never bait, call, crowd, chase, or capture an animal to get a photo.

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