Every adventure that I embark on will always start with a cup of coffee as I drive to our destination. But if you want to get into technicalities of what is in my cup, it is either going to be a vanilla latte or a caramel macchiato. I don’t usually enjoy coffee without copious amounts of milk so the coffee usually stops there as travelling with a tiny carton of milk has disaster written all over it. No one wants to deal with spilled milk in their vehicle, or risk it spoiling. I’ve tried powdered milk – it’s just not the same, and settling for a cup of gas station “cappuccino” is always full of regret. (Yes, even at 3:00 AM with 21 hours of driving down and three hours to go…)

Cue Kuju Coffee, a pocket pour over coffee founded by two Eagle Scout brothers who were tired of watered-down, bland instant coffee who set out to create an ethically-sourced, single-serve pour over that is not only lightweight and easy to pack, but is easy to use and full of flavour! All you need is hot water, your favourite camp mug or Hydro Flask and you are set for some tasty coffee wherever your adventures take you.

Kuju Coffee Hydro Flask sitting on a log

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I am an ambassador for Kuju Coffee, which means they did give me some free coffee to test out. My opinions, as always, are my own. Thank you for supporting my blog!


Their coffee comes in a variety of tasty blends:

  • Bold Awakening (dark roast – with bold earthy, dark cocoa and dried berry notes)
  • Basecamp (medium roast – smooth and bold with notes of oak, chocolate, and honey)
  • Angels Landing (light roast – floral notes and nutty undertone)
  • Ethiopia – Single Origin (flavours of morning citrus, honey and Yirgacheffe’s signature blueberry notes)
  • Indonesia – Single Origin (notes of aged berry, toasted cocoa and apricot)
  • New Guinea – Single Origin (delicate sweetness with flavours of red oak and dark chocolate)

The coffee that they use is high quality, from farms that strive to make a positive impact on their communities and their environment. The farm they primarily source their coffee from employs former sex-trafficking victims, and is produced in facilities run 100% on wind power. Not only are they closer to becoming fully sustainable, they also donate 1% of all sales to the National Park Foundation.

Kuju Coffee’s mission is to “help people reclaim their moments of rejuvenation with coffee in places you’ve never had it before, because after all – Quality Is Never Instant.®” Something I easily relate to as I use the great outdoors to escape the busy city life, to slow down and to connect with nature.

Kuju Coffee Single Origin Indonesia sitting on a pile of chopped wood

To be honest, at first I was a little skeptical about trying Kuju Coffee as I have never found a quick and easy coffee solution that tasted great, so I just stick with my favourite tea when we go anywhere. Josh is the brave soul who has been committed to trying different camp coffees on our adventure and brought a pack of Kuju Coffee with him when we backpacked the Berg Lake Trail last autumn after he found it at our local MEC.
Needless to say, I was left to be a little envious of Josh and his delicious coffee made with fresh (filtered) glacier water. This coffee was GOOD, and we knew we found the coffee that we would be packing for any adventure from there on out and shortly after I had stocked up on Kuju’s “Black Friday” sale and bought The Hero Pack to ensure we had some for our next adventures.

Man in blue quicksilver hoodie pouring boiling water from a jetboil into a hydroflask to make coffee

Preparing a cup of delicious coffee is really easy!

  • Boil some water with your preferred method (we use a Jetboil*)
  • Open the pouch of coffee along the perforation and carefully anchor to your mug or Hydro Flask (Do ensure that your mug isn’t too wide, or it may not fit – making prep a bit trickier than it should be. This happened to us the first time around)
  • Once your water is boiled and your pouch is anchored – you can slowly start pouring your hot water onto the coffee up to the brim (if you pour too fast, you will spill over the edges and get grounds in your coffee). Repeat until you have brewed 8 oz. of coffee.
  • Tip: If you like your coffee strong – leave the bag in for a bit longer to steep.
  • Take in this moment with all of your senses. Pause and look around you, smell the delicious coffee, breathe in that crisp mountain air, enjoy your coffee and this moment.
Man sitting on a picnic table drinking coffee from an blue enamel camp mug

This is hands down the best adventure coffee I’ve had! Not only does it taste great (I’m still torn between choosing favourites between Basecamp and Angels Landing – but I still have a few different flavours to try), it is also sustainable and easy to make.

Please note, as this is a pour over coffee you will have the packaging, pouch and coffee grounds left to dispose of. Please practice Leave No Trace principles and pack out everything that you have brought in.

A couple more photos from a lovely afternoon out at Elk Island National Park, Alberta spent eating hot dogs for lunch, drinking coffee and sitting in the stillness of nature forgetting about anything else other than that moment. Pure bliss.

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